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Auburn School Department
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In 2011, the district hired McCormick Facilities Managment to produce a long-term master planning report for the district. This service looked at many aspects of operating schools in the Maine community, changes in conditions and population, and the needs of the district. Over the past few years, the district has faced some challenges, has built a new school, and closed others, but are now finding these decisions may not have been with the best preparedness. Our long-term master planning looked at enrollment predictions, changes in the community, and more to help the school district as it plans for the future. To read the press release published in the Sun Journal about his project, visit this link:

Read the follow up article published in the Sun Journal on Jan. 31, 2012:

The first meeting of the committee was held on October 6th, 2011 and a rigorous schedule followed - meeting each week with a tight agenda in order to meet goals and set visions for the final outcome. For most weeks, a presentation of the meeting is available. Please follow the links below to view the meeting agendas and material.

October 6th Meeting Presentation
October 13th Meeting Presentation
October 20th Meeting Presentation - Public Hearing
Public Hearing - Streaming Video of Meeting
October 25th Meeting Presentation
November 3rd Meeting - Discussion Groups, No Presentation
November 16th Meeting Presentation - Public Hearing
November 17th Meeting - Discussions, No Presentation
December 7th Meeting - Presentation & discussion to Board

The Sun Journal printed another article on December 7th regarding the final project outcome. Follow the link to read their story and please feel free to contact our firm if you have questions about our work.

Our firm continues to work with the school through this process as changes are made in their district. In 2013, the school district voted to build a new high school as a result of our work and leadership.

Visit Auburn School Department's site for more information.

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