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Community & District Heating
The concept of community heating is very new here in the United States, however, in Europe over 1/3 of the homes are served through community heat. Another, more efficient, version of community heat in European towns is the use of combined heat and power (CHP), which can provide higher efficiences and better pollution control than localized boilers. Members of our firm have been privelaged enough to visit such plants in Austria and are in frequent conversations with experts in Denmark regarding their technologies.

Here in New England, we have a great opportunity to pull away from the use of foreign oil and create local jobs by taking advantage of the community heating concept. By burning wood pellets or chips, heat can easily be provided to several buildings from one central boiler.

Our team is working with communities in New England to explore the feasiblity of such projects in their area. We are also working with other clients to implement these heating plans.

It is our ultimate goal to have a hand in making New England a leader in green practices and alternative heating!

Images from the KOB boiler plant in Austria:
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