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Energy and Utility Audits
In a time when cutting costs and saving energy has become a top priority, our Detailed Energy Auditing service can be more valuable than ever before!

Through an inspection of your facility, we will survey and analyze the energy usage in the building. During the inspection, a Certified Energy Auditor will look for opportunities in which to reduce the amount of energy consumed. The main concern is to find ways to save money while maintaining, or improving, the health, safety, and comfort level of the occupants.

By identifying the sources of energy being consumed, we can then calculate potential energy costs and costs associated to achieve the identified opportunities. We will also review all utilities bills to verify our client is paying the optimum price for their usage.

We often find that having a long-term energy plan is essential in the success of an energy project. The final report delivered to the client details the actions our firm suggests for energy savings, calculates the approximate energy savings, and determines how long the payback for each project is. We also determine alternative energy opportunities for each client and the feasibility for that building to accomplish a successful project.

If an alternative energy source seems right for our client, our firm can then design and oversee the construction of upgrades, improvements, and / or installation of new equipment. Members of our staff are very knowledgeable with wood-fired boilers, solar water heaters, solar tube skylights, biomass technology, and much more.

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