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Facilities Condition Assessments
One of our primary services is the Facility Condition Assessment. In this process highly experienced members of our team perform a full assessment of a building and its landscape. During the survey every aspect of the property is surveyed. The process includes:

  • Identifying deficiencies and giving cost estimates
  • Determining the remaining life for each of the building's systems
  • Projecting renewal dates and budgets for each system
  • Creating reports that summarize our findings

The data that is collected during our walk-through is deposited into a web-based database that is manageable and dynamic. Through this database, our client is then able to use their building data for capital investments, budgeting, and long-term planning. 
Our Facility Condition Assessment provides "third 
party" independent information with reports in different 
formats, dollar estimates, and attached photographs. 

We also offer differing levels of assessments 
depending on our client's needs. A thorough, detailed 
walk-through is always recommended for the most 
accurate assessment. However, when more 
convenient, our firm can produce similar reports by using information that is supplied by our client. This is considered a "virtual" assessment.

McCormick Facilities Management has been approved by the Maine DOE for the required MDOE assessment process. In fact, our firm has performed more Facility Condition Assessments on schools than any other firm in Maine. We have performed this work on over 70% of Maine schools. Because we have visited so many schools in Maine, this gives us a unique opportunity to compare one client's building to another.

Our experience in this service allows our firm to provide an higher quality of work at a much lower cost than our competition.

To print our Facilities Condition Assessment brochure, click here.

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