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"Each member of the firm displayed an outstanding willingness to listen to the occupants of each building..."
-City of Augusta
Grant Writing
With all the knowledge our team has on buildings, we have successfully written several grant applications for our clients. The past several years have been exciting times for those looking to implement alternative and energy efficiency projects because the state and federal governments are making grant money available for many projects. Grant availability has slowed down from what it was a few years ago, but there is still money out there and we specialize in finding it.

Our grant writing service can be as involved as the client wants or we can simply offer guidance. On the larger scale, members of our team use technical knowledge combined with grammar and finesse to compile an application that is not only thorough, but presented in layman's terms so the average reader can understand the requests and ideas.

To date, our client's have been awarded hundreds of thousands in grant money for various projects. From a biomass boiler project to installation of energy efficiency measures, our team works with the client from step one.

Once the grant application as been submitted, our client has no commitment to have our firm do the work, but often we do because our team is familiar with the project and the client. On all occasions, we are there for our client as little or as much as they desire. Grant writing is just another service we offer in order to better our client's experience.

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