We've spent a lot of time researching and learning about the biomass industry. When it comes to heating, biomass is not only efficient, but helps the local economy significantly by employing local wood suppliers - often in the same county as a project is implemented in.

European countries have harnessed the convenience of biomass heating and cooling for years, but with the rising prices of oil and the realization that oil won't be around forever, more and more communities in the U.S. are beginning to make the change to biomass.

If your project is just in the beginning stages, we can work with you to decide if wood chips or pellets is the way to go. Our team can also conduct a feasibility study that will look at all aspects of your project and give you an outline of project ideas. We have the resources to provide turnkey design for your project so can deal with just one firm and one representative through your 
entire project.

At McCormick Energy Group, we look out for you - our client! We have your best interests in mind and want to see your alternative energy project a success.

Members of McCormick Energy Group have traveled to Europe several times to learn from their advanced technology. We bring this knowledge and experience to our clients here with each project by offering state of the art technology and out of the box thinking that can work with any budget.

We are no longer associated with Schmid Energy from Switzerland. They were not able to support operations in North America so we parted ways. We have other biomass partners in the works, so if your looking for a biomass boiler, please contact Mike.

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