Fuel Supply

Do you already have a biomass boiler at your school or business? Or perhaps you're exploring the idea and would like information on burning wood fuel. Our team can supply you with the wood chips or pellets for your fuel and answer any questions you may have.

We act as a fuel broker which means we have access to several suppliers which brings many benefits to you as our client, beginning with lower cost fuel. Since we supply to more than one client, we have the ability to negotiate prices and work hard to stabilize a growing business throughout New England.

Also, as the fuel broker, your contract is with us. If something goes wrong with 
your current fuel provider, we work for you to resolve the issue or find you a 
new supplier. The headache is on us and your supply is never interrupted.

As the wood chip market grows for schools and business, we are finding that 
there's competition from paper mills to receive the same quality wood chip. It 
is our goal to stabilize the market so our client's don't have to stress about
 paying high prices for a product that is harvested right in, or near, their own 

We can provide you with a price quote, so please contact us if you're in need of pricing. If you have questions in creating your request for bids, please let us know. We can offer free advice and consultation for your needs.

Download our wood broker brochure.

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