Funding Options

Our team is dedicated to making sure funding, or lack of, don't hold a project back. We work with our clients to decide what the best option is with their best interest always in mind.

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The graphic displays the three major ways to finance a project. 
  • Through TRADITIONAL FINANCING, the client will own the product at the end of the term. We work with different financing partners to offer low cost financing or our client can use their own. There's more of a risk to the client with this option, but more savings in the end.
  • Offering an average amount of risk and savings for the client is a LEASE PURCHASE. This option is guaranteed through performance and is usually paid for via the energy savings.
  • With very little risk to the client, a HEATING PURCHASE AGREEMENT will also guarantee energy savings and requires no up front capital cost to the customer. The client pays for consumed energy only. The savings in this option are more modest but still noticeable and are often enough to pay for the project. The important part with the HPA is that the customer is responsible for $0 out of pocket to the kick the project off. Learn more about HPA.

We also have professionals on staff that have years of experience searching for applicable grants for our projects. As part of your project, we will be sure to take advantage of any free money that is available and apply it to the project. This saves the project money and increases savings in the end.