Save with Biomass

Switching from a traditional heating systems to biomass or pellets, will save your organization a significant amount of money. Just how much it will save will vary depending on many factors. Our staff specializes in calculating your savings and determining if a project is feasible at your facility. We will also search for applicable grants and low cost funding to help the project move forward in the best interest of our client.

The chart below displays the steady incline of the price of oil over the past several years. Although the past few months have dropped slightly, the increase will continue. Biomass is also affected by the increase in fuel prices, but at a much slower, and more predictable, rate.

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  • Portable solution - only a concrete slab is required & the container is easily removable
  • Lower costs of planning
  • It's a low cost alternative to expensive permanent building costs
Containerized Boilers

A containerized boiler is a complete boiler house within a shipping container incorporating boilers, pumps, pipe work, fuel stores and electrical connections.

This solution offers many benefits:
  • Ease of installation - 'plug & go'
  • Effective supplementary or back up heating system
 which can be switched on or off easily
  • Shorter lead times for planning
To print our Heating Purchase Agreement Brochureclick here.
If you're curious about how much you can save, please contact our staff and with just a little information about your facility, we will gladly calculate your annual savings. It's surprising how quickly the payback if for a biomass project. Let our team work with you and start saving today!