Solar energy has been harnessed since ancient times for a variety of technologies. Of course, there are many benefits to using solar energy such as energy security, sustainability and reducing pollution.

Did you know that the amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the earth in one year is about twice that as will ever be obtained from ALL of Earth's non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium - combined! That's a lot of why not use it to your benefit?

As with all alternative energy projects, some exploration into a project should be done first to see if it's feasible. Our team can assess your facility for the success of a solar project and report back to you our findings. You'll be presented with a thorough and un-biased report on the feasibility of a solar project.

If, in fact, we find a solar project would be beneficial for your building, our team can work with you during every step as the project manager and owner's representative. We have the ability to
provide a turnkey project that allows you, the client, to work with one firm from start to finish. When the project is done, we will hand it over to you.  You'll have peace of mind knowing the project has been tested and tried and is in working order.

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