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Roof Systems Condition Evaluation
Especially in New England, our buildings take a beating from the weather - particularly the roof. A worst case scenario is that the roof of a building is neglected. Too often what seems to be a small leak can actually be a bigger, more serious issue.

In the course of our years of experience inspecting buildings, our firm has evaluated many rooftops as well. Our Roof Systems Condition Evaluation is a great way for our clients to determine the state of the roof system.

Through this service a member of our firm will evaluate the entire rooftop. Often because of our inspection, we can come to a conclusion on the estimate age of the roof and make a suggestion of when replacement or improvements will be needed, including cost estimate.

On occasion, a building's roof is in a condition needing work that is beyond our capability. In that case, our firm will partner with structural engineers to better evaluate and make suggestions for the next step for our client. In the end our client is presented with options to move forward and correct any issues before they become too serious.

Roof Assessment
Roof Assessment
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