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Security Evaluation and Planning
When it comes to security, especially in a school building, we find that just having a plan in place is one of the most important aspects in controlling a situation.

During a Security Assessment we will examine the physical envelope of the building. This part of the assessment allows us to determine ease of intrusion and egress routes. We will also identify unsafe conditions, such as doors that don't close or windows that don't lock. A review of the main entrance is also critical. We assess all entrance areas and lobbies for security observation.

If a crisis plan already exists, we will review that, as well as meet with local emergency service providers in the area.

Once the field work has been completed, a written "crisis response plan" will be delivered. This plan also includes cost estimates to implement the suggestions our firm recommends.

Lastly, a member of our team will meet with staff in
order to plan and provide proper training on how to
follow the crisis plan. Ideally, our client's would never
have to implement the plan we provide for them, but
having something prepared in the case of an actual
event can be all the difference in what the outcome of
such an event is.

To print our Security Evaluation and Planning Brochure, click here.

Emergency Exit Evaluation
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We recently contributed to an article published in the quarterly ASBO magazine, which featured an article on school security. Click the link to read this resourceful and well-written article.
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