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Facilities-Related Software & Training
In the past few years, strides have been made that assist facilitators in keeping track of their buildings. The use of computers and specifically designed software has made tracking and organization building data much easier.

Our firm has made it one of our main objectives to stay current with the software available for our clients to use to monitor their buildings and record various data as it relates to their facility.

By use of such software our firm is able to create reports and cost models that can easily be sorted and used for capital management and budgeting. Creating a system model of each building gives our client an idea of the individual system within a building, their estimated current value and a cost to replace that system when its expected life span has run out.

Such software will also allow our firm to create reports that display deficiencies with each building and rate the deficiency on a priority level. Suggestions such as sprinkling a building and replacing windows, carpets, or doors are just some examples. We will then provide our client with an approximate cost to complete each project. As projects are finished, the software will allow our client to enter a completion date and actual cost.

The reports that are created are an excellent tool to be used for future capital planning and budgeting. It also forecasts 20 years into the future so our client can easily plan according.

Experts in our firm have attended several training courses and conducted many classes on the use of Facilities-Related Software. We have no doubt that the use of this software benefits every user. Please contact our firm if you'd like to learn more.

Sample Requirements Report

Sample Requirements Report
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