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"McCormick Consultants were instrumental in getting us to this exiting juncture in our facilities work."
-Caribou School Department

Our current work list is constantly changing. We are excited to continually add new customers and to complete projects. Of course, with so many years of experience in our field, our work has taken us to a lot of places. We've also had the privilege of working with many different people - be it business officials, building and facility employees, or students, we are always pleased to involve them throughout the process.

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Bleacher & Gym Assessment
Science Lab
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In an effort to share information with our clients and other interested parties, we try to post presentations we've shared to audiences for various events. Please check out the presentations we currently have available.

District Heating with Biomass
Presented at Maine Pellet Summit 2012

Biomass Experiences and Learnings
Presented at 2012 EPMA Conference

District Heating
Presented in June 2010

Decide with Data, not Instinct

Energy Audits

Reducing Energy Costs in your School
New Hampshire ASBO Meeting

Energy Management

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