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"Each member of the firm displayed an outstanding willingness to listen to the occupants of each building..."
-City of Augusta

At McCormick Facilities Management, we perform a variety of services that are related to buildings and sites from a viewpoint of proper management.

A property owner must recognize that buildings, like all systems, have a life expectancy or service life. The systems that make your facility operate must be maintained properly to get their intended life and return on investment.

Identifying the systems in your facility and putting a value to them, determining what part of their life cycle the systems are in, when to replace them, and how much it will cost is all a part of our Facility Condition Assessment service. Because of the knowledge and experience our firm has on buildings, Facility Assessments have been our specialty. In fact, we are the largest provider of this service for Maine public schools.

We also offer many other services to assist with proper facility management. Please visit the links below for more details on each.

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